Heath Wines. Alan Heath (continued)

Alan's racing career literally hit the wall in 2001 when his racing car ploughed into a wall at 260km/h. It was time to concentrate on his other great passion - wine.

While he'd realised his long-held dream of owning, living on and running a vineyard when he purchased an Adelaide Hills property in 1993, planted his vines and sold his premium grapes under contract to Southcorp, he wanted more.

In 2000, he held back some of his harvest, produced a small run of wine and, brimming with enthusiasm, headed overseas to tackle the global wine market. With no name, no history and no backing, he was told in no uncertain terms to "come back when you're ready".

Alan Heath is ready.

He now has the backing of several prominent Adelaide businessmen excited by his passion and business plan. He has teamed up with old friend and winemaker Nick Walker. And he has in Heath Wines a range as rich and varied as his diverse background.