Heath Wines. History

The Grower
Founder and former racing car driver turned wine producer, Alan Heath, purchased from his retiring next door neighbour a 100 year old dairy farm in the premium wine growing region the "Adelaide Hills" in South Australia.
Paying great attention to soil type, climate, row sizes, ripping, water quality, varieties and cloning attracted the immediate attention of Penfolds who contracted the fruit from his premium vineyard for a number of years.   The purchase of the Vineyard was the start of a journey that culminated with the formation of Heath Wines in 1998.

The Producer
With investment from a group of prominent South Australian businessmen, Heath Wines was fully rolled out by late 2002. In 2006 / 07 Heath Wines will export in excess of $1 million, with successful markets in Australia, Canada, Singapore, Japan, U.S.A, Ireland, Dubai, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and currently developing markets in Russia, India, and the U.K.

The Wine
Alan's days as a grower taught him some valuable lessons. Sourcing of fruit is driven by the "best sub-region for each varietal" and the "best vineyard for each sub-region."

"We are committed to and focus on producing handcrafted wines with fruit driven varietal flavours, structure and balance". In keeping with our commitment to excellence, all of our wines are in screw cap to eliminate spoilage and ensure consistency and product quality.

The Philosophy
"You cannot compromise from the vine to the closure".
Focus on over-delivering on price and quality with all brands.
To produce wines that are affordable, drink well now, and will improve with cellaring.  
Continuously improve quality through vineyard best practices and grower involvement.
To assist our World Partners to grow and develop Heath Wines brands.